Selection of workshops

Part of our business activities is the provision of soft skills management workshops and creative workshops, which we are especially proud of. The goals of the workshops range from the discovering of the participants’ creativity, strengthening character, strengthening the teamwork, to improving the skills of understanding, listening and communicating in the business environment. The workshops are meant for business people who want to strengthen their motivation, creativity, competitiveness and communication within a team.
Here are the descriptions of some of our workshops. The remaining ones are to be discovered by you.

Capture the light!
The participants practice their creativity by implementing a special painting technique on photo paper using natural materials (lemon, water, vinegar, coffee) and light. Using this technique, one creates original works radiating with expressiveness and abstraction. The process is about spontaneous creation which does not allow departure into rigid forms, and the participants express themselves without the necessity of balance, symmetry or centricity. The photo paper is seen as a field of improvisation and the process of creation becomes some sort of unconscious therapy and a technique for relaxation and enjoyment. The works created on the photo paper are transferred by the participants onto old ceramic tiles and previously used jars.

The world of tones in the world of business
Workshop topics: Have you ever asked yourself how tones are produced and in which way particular musical instruments create music? How does it feel to hold an instrument in your hands? In which way are the whole compositions made of individual notes and tones? How can we similarly learn to listen and contribute in our business teams? Can harmony and concordance of music be achieved in business?

The aim of the workshop is to introduce business professionals to the basic understanding of musical instruments and to the technique of producing tones and melodies. This understanding of music will enhance the participants´ sensitiveness for team work - every team member´s participation is of a great importance for a successful business just as every note contributes to the creation of a high-quality composition. In addition to that, the workshop will encourages the participants to listen more attentively and communicate more creatively in the contemporary business environment.

From fragments to a unit
In the relaxing painting atmosphere, by using a brush and a palette, the participants work to strengthen harmonious and proactive communication skills in the team.
In the course of the workshop, they empirically experience teamwork in a new and different way. On the one hand, the awareness in relation to the potential of the individual creativity will be risen, and on the other hand, efforts are put to promote unity on the way to achieving the desired results. Each participant has a unique different handwriting, a different way of visual expression. Fragments, no matter how unique and beautiful they might be, can rarely function separately. Only arranged together they form a strong unit that exudes excellence precisely because the unity is made of personal contributions of each team member.

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